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at Camp Emma Lou

Field Trips 



Camp Emma Lou is the E5 Foundation’s outdoor recreational retreat near Lake Monroe just south of Bloomington, IN. Children and their families who are dealing with an illness, hardship, or other special needs are invited to the camp for an expense-paid weekend of family time and relaxation. The programs that we feature at Camp Emma Lou are our TEAM Field Trips and our Family Retreats.

Many of the families that participated in our Hot Corner Kids program will also be eligible to attend Camp Emma Lou. Camp Emma Lou is a place for children and families to live, love, and laugh while enjoying a variety of activities set in the beautiful outdoors. 


"We believe that Camp Emma Lou can help brighten children’s lives, renew family ties, and create new friendships among people dealing with similar situations… All we ask of the campers is they not burn their marshmallows!"

Camp Emma Lou

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